There are many articles on the internet and elsewhere with regards to holding a successful “Open House”. Here are some tips I took from reading many of those articles.

  1. Planning at least a week ahead of time is the key to holding a successful “Open House”.
  2. Typically “Open Houses” are held on Sundays for 2 to 3 hours in the early afternoon.
  3. Make sure your home is neat, clean and organized.
  4. You may want to consider offering refreshments at your “Open House”. Think outside the box, make it fun.
  5. Make up a color flyer announcing your “Open House” with a photo and distribute them to all nearby real estate offices the week before your “Open House”. Get them into each agent’s mailbox
  6. Advertise your “Open House” in local publications. Include a photo, time and address.
  7. Make sure you are directing traffic from main roads to your “Open House” with directional “Open House” signs.
  8. Neighbors are a great source of word of mouth. Make sure your neighbors are aware of your “Open House”. Ask them to invite any friends, family and co-workers who may be in the market for a new home. Create and distribute a neighborhood flyer.
  9. Have a home financing professional prepare an “Open House” flier with a photo and several down payment and financing scenarios.
  10. Let Maine Living know about your planned “Open House” early in the week.