There are many articles all over the internet with many great ideas on how to prepare your home to put it on the market. Below are a few key points I took from reviewing many of these articles.


    • EXTERIOR – Curb appeal is essential. Lawns must be mowed, shrubs pruned. Gardens manicured. A couple new bags of mulch will often freshen garden areas. Windows cleaned, no peeling or blistered paint. A new “WELCOME” mat.
    • INTERIOR – Walls must be clean and/or freshly painted with all cracks and holes repaired. DECLUTTER and DEPERSONALIZE. Not too many photos on the walls. Floors clean, carpets clean and not worn. Windows cleaned and sills dusted.
    • The KITCHEN is an incredibly important room. It must be spotless clean. Polish your granite. Cupboards, closets and pantry need to be clean and organized. New caulking if needed.
    • The BATHROOMS are also incredibly important rooms. They must be spotless clean. Polish your granite. Mirrors spotless. New caulking. Closets and drawers clean and organized.
    • BASEMENT must be clean and organized, no clutter. It is important it not have a musty smell. A dehumidifier may be a wise investment. A pretty good idea to have your furnace cleaned and maintained prior to listing.
    • GARAGE must be clean and organized. Must be room for vehicles.
    • AIR QUALITY in your home is very important. The home must smell clean and fresh with no undesirable odors. Fresh flowers,         scented candles and air fresheners will all help.