Most real estate professionals agree, pricing your home correctly is the key to selling your home promptly. The better deal you can offer, the more likely your home will sell in a prompt fashion. Most homeowners have a good idea what their home is worth based on what other homes have sold for in the area. Remember that a piece of real estate is worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. The fact that you could save thousands of dollars listing with Maine Living should give you the flexibility to price your home competitively.


  1. Appraisal – An appraiser will come to your home, take photos and square footage measurements and determine the value of your home when compared to similar homes in your area that have sold recently. Appraisals are quite expensive, typically $400 to $600 and up.
  2. Broker Price Opinion (BPO) – A Real Estate Agent will take the vital statistics of your home and compare those to other homes that have sold in your area and come up with an opinion of value.
    BPO’s typically run $150.

Please call or email anytime if you have further questions or are interested in an appraisal or a Broker Price Opinion.