Below is a list of things we will do for you.

    1. We will provide you with all required documents in order to legally list your land, single family residence or multi unit properties in the state of Maine.


    1. We will list your property on “Maine Listings” (Multiple Listing Service) (up to 30 photos) so that all major real estate agencies, and virtually all active Buyer agents in the state of Maine will have access to your property listing.


    1. “Maine Listings” will then forward your property listing out to Realtor.com, Zillow.com and Trulia.com giving everyone in the world with internet service, access to your listing.


    1. We will post your listing on our web site www.MaineLiving.com along with 6 of our favorite photos of your property.


    1. We will post your listing on our Facebook page MaineLiving.com.


    1. We will email your listing to Realtors working within the proximity of your listing.


    1. We will put a “Home Financing Professional” in touch with you to provide home financing scenarios should you so choose.


  1. We will provide you with a group of $$$ off coupons for services typically needed when preparing a home for listing, selling your home, purchasing a new home and moving. If used wisely these should offset your cost to list with Maine Living, LLC.