If you understand and feel comfortable with the home selling process and would like to save thousands of dollars, then listing your home with Maine Living may be for you. You will need to:

  1. Gather all the relevant information required to list your home. Best place to start is your town office. (For example, the deed to your property, the plot plan, septic plan and any building permits for any additions that have been made.)
  2. Fill out and sign a few forms here.
  3. Take or have pictures taken of your home.
  4. Put a “FOR SALE” sign on your property.
  5. Offer a minimum 2% commission to a Buyer Agent. The larger the commission you offer, the more willing Buyer Agents will be to bring buyers to see your listing.
  6. Field inquiries and answer questions from Buyer Agents and prospective buyers, unless otherwise requested.
  7. Prepare for and schedule showings.
  8. Negotiate the sale of your home.
  9. Notify Maine Living IMMEDIATELY of your home going “Under Contract”
  10. Notify Maine Living IMMEDIATELY of the date your home closes.

A few other things.

  1. Should you have any questions regarding negotiations, real estate contracts or any other legal issue, we recommend you speak with a real estate attorney. We can provide you with names and contact information.
  2. You can cancel, withdraw or reinstate your listing at any time. There is no refund of your listing fee.