The 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know...

To Sell Your Home Without Leaving a Penny On The Table

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to sell your home!

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to sell your home! This guide is designed to assist you as you market your home and to provide insights into how prospective buyers and their agents view your home. It does takes a significant amount of time and knowledge of the industry to sell your home, so check out these tips for selling your house before you do anything else. You will likely have additional questions as you move forward, Please contact us with any requests for specific topics. Our marketing services are proven effective over time, so you’ll know you have the best information available to you while we market your home. We are ready to step in to help when you are ready. We are committed to helping our clients reach their real estate goals. Please don’t hesitate to call or text us anytime at (207)776-5140 or (207)329-5526, or feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] or [email protected]. We would love the opportunity to view your home at your earliest convenience.

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The 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know...

Strong statements of wallpaper and paint may appeal to a select group, but most will see it as additional work if they buy the home. Paint, wallpaper, and carpet is usually matched with furniture that will change. Stay with neutral colors so all buyers can see their furniture in the home.
The buyer must see the house as their new home. Too many personal family items, pictures, trophies, posters, etc. will hinder this process. A few personal items are fine, but if you find yourself looking in each room at your "things" and not at the room, it is time to edit the room down to the bare essentials.
Take everything off the floor that does not have to be there. More floor space makes the home seem larger. The same goes for counter tops. Clutter is worse than dirt. Too much stuff makes the house confusing, and the buyer's mind gets cluttered. Start packing! You are moving anyway.
People buy homes with all their senses. You may not be able to smell your pet but believe me, others can. Strong food odors also are a turn off. I use to buy the frozen cookie dough and cut it into small pieces and put a piece on a cookie sheet in the oven on 200 about 30 minutes prior to a showing.
I have shown hundreds of properties and what people are most surprised by is a nice, clean and orderly garage. It
speaks of the care that you take toward the rest of your house, and with a bit of effort, you can purge through the things you no longer use or need, and you can make room to pack your boxes.
The eye naturally scans a room from left to right. By clearing off tables, minimizing shelves and taking things off of your kitchen and bathroom counters, you are not only able to start packing, you will be making your home more visibly pleasing for the purchaser.
Having your home on the market is never convenient. Buyers are on the hunt, and having your home not just ready, being mentally prepared to adjust your schedule is extremely necessary in catering to the group of buyers.
If a buyer is at your front door, you should always open it. If they are in the yard, then they are excited and ready to see it. Leaving work on a moment's notice may be necessary to land the buyer, so be ready. Otherwise, something better may be just around the corner.
As an agent, my job is to keep the buyer and seller apart. I ask my clients to not be home when the house is being shown. This of course is not possible as a FSBO, so make sure to not let on where you are going, or it will affect your bottom line.
I have helped hundreds of home sellers obtain top dollar. Some paid me a commission, other did not. I am happy to be your resource. Everybody needs a great Realtor. Even FSBOs.

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The 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know... To Sell Your Home Without Leaving a Penny On The Table
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